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Australia is known for its relaxed aesthetic and thanks to this laidback lifestyle, the lines between the inside and outside of our homes have never been more blurred. Bi-fold doors, alfresco living, outdoor kitchens, pools and architecturally-designed gardens to match interior-designed homes are thoughtfully planned to suit clients needs. Throughout my years in interior design, I have worked on many different types of homes and when it came to outdoor areas, I continued to see one recurring problem –  the furniture was pretty much the same wherever I went. The outdoor furniture in these spaces was bland, colourless and design seemed to stop when it came to the back door.





My clients were asking me for a product I couldn’t find – beautiful, bespoke, comfortable, durable – an outdoor range that made others envious. So I decided to create my own outdoor range to cater for such a need –Outside Envy. In my quest to create a locally designed-and-made outdoor furniture range, I researched, tested, re-tested and spoke to many in the industry .

We utilised fabrics from around the globe, chosen specifically for the conditions they would be placed in – fabrics engineered to last years without losing their unique properties, like colour-fastness, durability, water, mould and stain repellency. The fabrics needed to be bespoke and the furniture needed to be comfortable. We needed to consider height, for ease of getting up and sitting down and wanted to create something relaxing enough to sink back into, to put your feet up. Somewhere you can sit to read the paper and have your morning coffee and durable enough to have friends over on the weekend, without worrying if the red wine is spilt, or if little ones run their fingers over the seats.

Different designs with the same common theme – durability, comfort and style. I wanted to have a range where people would enter outdoor spaces and comment – “I have never seen that before, where did you get?”, feeling envious of the fact that they didn’t have something as individual as the space in which they stood.


Starting with a chair design, anything is possible – two, three and four seaters, modulars, chaise lounges, ottomans. We work with each individual client to design an outdoor furniture piece to work within their space, to suit their needs. We work with interior designers, architects and decorators but you don’t need to be a design expert to covet one of our pieces. Made in Melbourne by local craftsmen, quality control is monitored and customer service is a priority, with queries and concerns just a phone call or email away.




To take the next step:

1. Visit us and view our range
2. Select a fabric specific for your space
3. Feel and see the quality


Rest assured you will not see your selection everywhere, with limited runs on all fabrics.

A designer range just for you.

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