It’s All In The Fabric

We’ve been getting lots of fantastic feedback about the Outside Envy range, especially after DENFAIR, however there is one question we’ve been asked on multiple occasions – where does Outside Envy furniture go?

We take full responsibility for any confusion – the setting in which Outside Envy has been photographed has many people wondering if our furniture belongs indoors. Yes, our lounges do look as though they belong inside, but thanks to some strategic fabric and material choices, they are designed to withstand alfresco conditions!

Traditionally, removable fabrics have been used on outdoor furniture and although this works for many, it can be inconvenient and doesn’t necessarily promise an individual look and feel.

Not only did I want to create something that was unique for the individual, but I wanted to design an outdoor furniture range that you could sit on for long periods of time – in my experience I’ve found some outdoor pieces to be too firm and unsupportive. I wanted Outside Envy furniture to be soft to the touch and comfortable enough to curl up on.

Fabrics have evolved over the last 10 years and advancements in technology have led to many improvements and innovations. As sensory beings, people are quick to judge a fabric based on touch, asking: how does it feel against the skin? Is it stiff or flexible? Soft to the touch?

People are pleasantly surprised when they discover that our fabrics are intended for the great outdoors because they are so unlike any fabrics they’ve seen on outdoor furniture.

Manufactured fibres enable performance options that aren’t usually possible with natural fibres. Most fabrics begin life as colourless fibres that are spun and the resulting fabrics are then dyed to obtain colour. 

The energy in light irreversibly damages most fibres, but our solution dyed fabrics have a high UV resistance to light.The colour pigment is added to the fibre spinning solution prior to the fibres being spun, which means the colour is distributed throughout the whole fibre with minimal colour loss from light or cleaning.

Essentially the fabric becomes the colour and vice-versa, a process that makes for strong, durable and resilient fabric that is colourfast to salt water and chlorinated water, easy to care for and engineered to withstand weather conditions, meaning that your Outside Envy piece is built to last!

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