My Story

As a young child I remember walking into people’s homes, wondering why objects were placed where they were. I was curious as to why some people had interesting homes with objects of beauty and others seemed not to care quite as much. I had grown up in the home of an artist, where I was constantly exposed to the world of creativity. I was encouraged to draw outside the lines, explore colour and dare to be different. At the time, this was all I knew. I didn’t realise others lived differently, that they couldn’t visualise or dream big like I could.

After leaving secondary school, I went to art school and although I loved it, I needed a job that paid a regular wage so I went and studied nursing. All the while, I continued to be creative, engaging in printmaking, drawing and photography, always wishing I could be creative full-time...


After 15 years of nursing, I finally returned to study (and to the world of interior design!). Now I get to be creative full-time, in my ideal field of work. How lucky am I?! This business is a continuation of that design dream, a big dream that has become a reality, thanks to an encouraging, creative family who supported my need to do things differently.


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