Outside Envy Does DEN Fair

DEN Fair: 
A daunting, exciting, exhausting and mind-blowing experience all in one.

I found myself surrounded by brands and designers I’ve admired from afar and there I was, bravely entering the same arena and playing field.

Most people could not fathom that our furniture was suitable for alfresco outdoor living spaces and it was only once we demonstrated the fabrics’ capabilities that it became apparent!

We were also told how refreshing it was to have a range that was both practical and comfortable, something easy to get in and out of and that could be an extension of their home’s interior living space. Judging by people’s delighted reactions, there is definitely a need for such a range and DEN Fair confirmed our belief that there is a gap in the marketplace – a gap that we are more than willing to fill!

DEN has be invaluable for the feedback we received. We discovered how those in the design trade could utilise our product and discussed the ways in which we could improve the existing model. We’ve taken this feedback on board and as a result we are in the process of making some changes!

Our sofas may look like your typical indoor sofa, but it’s what is happening underneath the fabrics and the framework that matters. That is where the Outside Envy magic happens!

You can cover any old sofa with outdoor fabric but it’s the structure and substrate that make Outside Envy furniture different. While we haven’t yet showcased that aspect of our furniture, we intend to in the coming months, so stay tuned to see what really makes us special!

We are also excited to announce that, in response to designers wanting to take advantage of wholesale pricing by providing their own outdoor fabrics, we will be introducing a white price for trade, including wholesale pricing for fabric!

Styling is also being tweaked at the moment and the online store will offer a larger range of limited fabrics, allowing traders to customise, resulting in a more individual look for their clients.

Overall DEN Fair was a great adventure. It was lovely to meet so many great people, who were enthusiastic and encouraging about our product and we are so grateful to everyone who took the time to come and visit our stand!

On a personal note it was a humbling experience for me, meeting so many talented people. The sharing of design ideas and business experience was invaluable as was the generosity of spirit and coffee!

The show may be over but now is when the real magic begins!

Mel x

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